Ron is getting better from his knee replacement, but keep him in prayer… And our ladies are all ready for their annual retreat, beginning Thursday & wrapping up on Saturday. I’m thrilled that they have this opportunity for fellowship and growth, and glad to see the participation. My prayers are with them.

We’re in full swing in the school year, with a few students, but more than our LORD had with his apostles! All is well. Pastor Hanson is now full time at his church in Santa Ana, and is also considering employment as a bi-vocational (don’t really like that word) pastor. He’s a great man and a wonderful Christian who has done so much for Pioneer Baptist, and I pray the LORD opens all kinds of doors in blessing his ministry.

Great meetings a week ago at Pastor Jerry Cook’s church, as he continues to serve the LORD in the Santa Clarita area!

Let’s keep each other in prayer.

We’ve got the devil’s holiday upcoming, followed a month later (or so) with Thanksgiving to God. Both should be used to reach out to the lost.

God bless & Love – Pastor


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